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Paul Lincoln




Architecture, Evening walks, Financial Institutions, Gardens and open spaces, General city tour, Jewish history, Journalism and the press, Public art, River Thames.


Paul Lincoln is a City of London and Open City guide. He is a member of the City of London Guide Lecturers’ Association and lives in the City on Golden Lane Estate where he coordinates the campaign: Imagine Golden Lane at Net Zero. Paul’s guided tours reflect his interest in the politics of the City of London as well as post-war architecture, landscape and urban design.

Paul has recently retired from the role of editor at Landscape, the journal of the Landscape Institute. He also hosts the Talking Landscape podcast.

Paul is a printmaker based at East London Printmakers.

Paul has an MA in Cities, Design and Regeneration from London Metropolitan University and an MA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics.


Paul is a member of the City of London Guide Lecturers' Association.  He has an MA in Cities, Design and Regeneration.  In addition to his work in the City, he has led tours on South Bank and Bankside for Walk London and has organised tours and events with the London Festival of Architecture, Jane's Walks and Open City, London


Guided Tours

Paul's specialism is 20th and 21st century City of London, the buildings, the landscape, the politics and the economics that have made the City the way it is. He is particularly interested in the way in which the City is likely to change in the next few years as it addresses both globalisation and an expanding population. Current walks include: Walls of London on the Roman London Wall and its relationship with modern architecture; The Eastern Cluster looking at the exceptional architecture of the eastern part of the City; Imagine Golden Lane at Net Zero which addresses the ways in which one of the main residential parts of the City is addressing climate emergency and biodiversity loss; and a variety of tours on landscape and public space.