Official Guides to the City of London

Nick Collinson




Architecture, Gardens and open spaces, Medieval London, Romans, Christopher Wren's London, Public art, City churches, General city tour, Great Fire of London.


Nick is a young, energetic guide with a passion for London and in particular, people-focussed tours.

He is also known as The Urban Rambler - the name of his own private tour company.

With a rich and varied background, including attending an ancient City of London institution for his schooling, he is perfectly placed to break it down to you like nobody else can.


Nick is a full time employee with English Heritage so has lots of insider knowledge that he can impart....

Guided Tours

The Famous Square Mile

Queer Soho

Death and Damnation

London's Guildhall

City of London: Urban Jungle

Westminster: City of Sovereigns

Lost Rivers of London: Wandering the Walbrook

Lost Rivers of London: Following the Fleet