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Sally Horton




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I’ve worked in the legal sector as a professional trainer and coach in several different areas within the City over a number of years. I’ve always been fascinated by the sights and stories of the modern and historic City. Since qualifying as a City of London Guide when I first came to London, I’ve kept a lively interest in our ancient capital and the changes it’s undergone in the last few decades. I’m now taking the opportunity to get out onto to the streets, leading guided tours to share my passion for its hidden and better-known history, from the earliest times to today’s new and exciting developments. 

Join me for a walk to find out why London is the world’s greatest city and hear stories that bring its 2,000 years of history to life.

Guided tours are ideal for creating a memorable experience for birthday or anniversary celebrations, work teams, business visitors, friends and families.

Get in touch if you have a particular interest and I can recommend or design a walk for you.

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City of London Guide 

Guided Tours

London City Stories

Stories.  Connect.  People.

My tours are informative, inclusive and, above all, social and fun. They focus on engaging people and connecting them with their environment and community by telling stories about people, places and events that have contributed to the history of this remarkable city.

Whether you live or work in London or are a visitor, taking a walk through the City streets is a great way to find out about our heritage. Listen to stories about what life was like for people who lived, worked and travelled here before us and use your imagination to make connections with your own experience. 

It’s not all about the past. The City of London thrives because it constantly adapts and evolves. Learn about how the City is changing right now and what we can expect to see in the future.

My walks include:

Heart of the City: London Over 2,000 Years

High Life and Low Life: West of the Fleet River

Justice and Peace: The Inns of Court and Legal London

Markets, Medicine and Monasteries: The Stories of Smithfield

Three Rivers: The Thames and the Lost City Rivers 

The Flower of All Cities: Medieval London

Tom, Dick, Harry and Charles: Leadenhall Stories

Trading Places: Trade, Commerce and Finance in the City

Uncharted Passions: Experience Your City (an experiential tour)

With each walk you'll receive recommendations for places to visit, useful links and books to read if you’d like to delve deeper into the City’s story.

Get in touch to find out more about these walks.


"Sally is a wonderful guide. She brings out not only the history but also the little anecdotes which make the walk more memorable, engaging and fun! I would love to do another walk with her!"  CJ from London

“Sally was great, so knowledgeable and able to adjust her information in response to the group’s interest and knowledge in a very flexible manner. Her passion for the City of London made the history really come alive.”  DC, London

“In a relatively small area, I found out about the history of London from Roman times right up to the present day. Full of interesting detail.”  PW London

“What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! The walk was riveting and perfectly pitched. Looking forward to the next one” GB, Bromley

“Sally engaged the group by asking questions and getting us to read out snippets about life and death in earlier times. Hearing the words of people who were there are the time brought the stories to life.” BP, Kent

“It’s wonderful to walk and look around you while someone who really knows their stuff talks to you about what you’re seeing rather than staring at a phone or guidebook.” RW, Kent

“Sally’s tour was a lovely way to spend time with friends – it was an enjoyable afternoon and I found out much more about an area of the City I thought I knew well.” JP, Kent 

“Sally is an extremely knowledgeable guide and happy to be interrupted with the many questions you will have on your tour. Such a great way of getting to know more about the history of London!” PB, Lichfield

" Sally's knowledge of Smithfield and its history brought the area to life, helping to picture the scenes as they would have been centuries ago. Whilst some of the sights were well known landmarks, the walk also took us to locations that we would not have been aware of but were well worth visiting. A very rewarding way to spend the afternoon, which sparked an interest to find out more on the history of London." MD, Bromley

“Sally was friendly and mindful of our needs for which I was grateful. I would definitely go on another tour with her.” RR, Kent

“Sally encouraged us to look up and look around to spot small details we might otherwise have missed, and to make our own connections with people and events in the past.” BP, Bromley