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Pat Langford


Italian, Japanese, English.


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Welcome to Six in the City. Our expert guides provide unique and historical walking tours of London. 

The City of London, or ‘The Square Mile’ as it’s more popularly known, is truly where London began. Within its old Roman walls lies a treasure chest of history, characters, buildings ancient and modern, winding alleyways, strange customs, and weird ceremonies. There’s nowhere else quite like it.

Let SIX IN THE CITY walk with you. 

Just bring your curiosity and we’ll bring our knowledge and enthusiasm, point out the best bits, tell the stories, and introduce you to the characters in a 2000 year old story that continues to unfold.

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Guided Tours

Our website will show you the range of walks we offer and introduce to our team. In addition to our guided walks we also offer specialist walks for photographers and for people who would like to combine a City Tour with a tea-tasting experience at Fortnum and Mason in the Royal Exchange.

Since September 2020 we have been running a very popular and highly-praised tour called 'Slavery and the City' which looks closely at the City of London's historical links to the Slave Trade that provided the City, its high officials and Merchants with huge wealth whilst subjecting millions of enslaved Africans to torture and misery. We look at the places at which proponents and opponents of the trade would have met, how the Abolitionists pressed for change and how the wealthy and powerful tried to resist it