Official Guides to the City of London

Lucy Barr




Architecture, Christmas Walks, Gardens and open spaces, General city tour, Great Fire of London, Guildhall Art Gallery, Literary tours, Markets, Medicine, Public art.


I love exploring London, it has the lot - Romans, grand buildings, strange traditions, art, green spaces...

I work in galleries, museums, a palace, so I get to know the collections, and behind the scenes.

I guide at Tate Modern & Britain, The Guildhall Art Gallery & Roman Amphitheatre, The National Gallery.

MA art history student.





City of London guide, London guide with a tour company, BA in English Language & Literature, MA  in art history.

I enjoy making places and collections accessible and fun. If you have a health condition or disability I am happy to assist you to have a relaxing and enjoyable tour.

I guide across London and it's many iconic and historical places. My speciality is a tour of art galleries and museums, from Tate to the Churchill War Rooms, and many others.

I am passionate about London and can explore over a thousand years of history with you - even if you thought you already knew London!





Guided Tours

As a City of London guide let me share this quirky, fascinating  place with you.

I also do guided tours of the major London landmarks -and its hidden gems!

Enjoy art? Join me for a gallery / museum tour, or a walking public sculptures tour.

Vegan or Vegetarian? I can offer lots of info, and perhaps end our tour at a nice restaurant to suit you.


Available for talks on:

  •  London / The City, its history, traditions, The Great Fire, etc
  •  Art history - eg particular periods / movements, artists, galleries and collections
  •  Literature - eg biographies, their London connections and influences (my first degree is  in English language and literature)

My talks can be tailored to companies, students, the public and private tours.