Official Guides to the City of London

Lucy Barr




Architecture, Guildhall Art Gallery, Literary tours, Public art, General city tour, Great Fire of London.


I love exploring London, it has the lot - Romans, grand buildings, strange traditions, art, green spaces...

I work in galleries, museums, a palace, so I get to know the collections, and behind the scenes.

I guide at Tate Modern & Britain, The Guildhall Art Gallery & Roman Amphitheatre, The National Gallery.

MA art history student.





City of London guide, London guide with a tour company, post graduate certificate in art history.

I enjoy making places and collections accessible and fun, and have been giving art gallery tours for four years.

I am passionate about London and can explore over a thousand years of history with you - even if you thought you already knew London!




Guided Tours

As a City of London guide let me share this quirky, fascinating  place with you.

I also do guided tours of the major London landmarks -and its hidden gems!

Enjoy art? Join me for a gallery / museum tour, or a walking public sculptures tour.

Vegan or Vegetarian? I can offer lots of info, and perhaps end our tour at a nice restaurant to suit you.


Available for talks on:

  •  London / The City, its history, traditions, The Great Fire, etc
  •  Art history - eg particular periods / movements, artists, galleries and collections
  •  Literature - eg biographies, their London connections and influences (my first degree is  in English language and literature)

My talks can be tailored to companies, students, the public, etc.