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Linda Hamer




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Left school with some qualifications. Joined a bank and learnt the trade. Spent 20-years, or so, building teams and inspiring colleagues and customers. Left to pursue a career ambition to work in industry, managing everything from people to logistics and machinery. Responsible for everything.

Went back to university to study tour guiding. Qualified as a London guide, specialising in the City of London and Westminster. Have never looked back and have never stopped learning. Have travelled the world from East to West. Always come back to London. Nowhere else like it in the world. Enjoy nothing more than enlightening visitors by telling stories of this wonderful and magical place, and of the characters that have made it so enchanting.

Try to make each tour special and memorable, so that the whole group ends up smiling, informed and inspired. 






Green Badge Tourist Guide - City of London (Member of the Institute of Tourist Guiding)

City of London Guide (Member of City of London Guide Lecturers Association - 2016)

St Paul's Cathedral Guide (Institute of Tourist Guiding - 2017)

City of Westminster Guide (Member of City of Westminster Guide Lecturers Association - 2015 & Committee Member)

Chartered Banker


CITY OF LONDON GUIDE, City of Westminster Guide, London Blue Badge Guide, St Paul's Cathedral Guide.

Guided Tours

City Architecture - Past, Present and Future

Wren's London - From Astronomer to Architect, Wren's Legacy

City Churches

City Highlights Tour

Fire & Fortune 

Finance & Fortune - City Financial Institutions Past and Present

Footsteps of Fire - The Great Fire of London 1666

History of Tea

Leadenhall Market

Riverside Walks

St Paul's Cathedral