Official Guides to the City of London

Julia Huber


English, German.


General city tour, Medieval London, Romans, The Great Fire of London, Tours for children.


Looking for a guide that stands out? And not just by hair colour and style?

Getting curious?

When I moved to London in 2005 I had no idea that one day my passion for navigating its streets would translate into a fab guide badge I wear when out and about with visitors.

As a native Austrian, I offer tours in English and German.

Now, put on your comfy shoes and walk with me!


I am a qualified guide for the City of London and the City of Westminster and I walk with up to 30 people at a time.

Guided Tours

My tours can last from a minimum of one hour to multi-day options - I will gladly tailor to your circumstance. Please contact me and we can make it work.

Pick a theme for our walk! The Great Fire, the Plague, London's River ... or a bit of everything - a 2 hour 'Introduction to the City' covering many highlights that make the City the fascinating place it is.