Official Guides to the City of London

Hugh Dennis


Spanish, English.


Architecture, General city tour, Great Fire of London, River Thames, Samuel Pepys, Tours for children.


Hugh  has been a London guide since 1999 and since then has led roughly two walks a week through the depth and breadth of London. He loves exploring those less well-known nooks and crannies that make the City especially so fascinating. He also enthuses children and their teachers using quizzes and songs that together make learning fun as well as interesting.


Hugh is a polymath. As well as being a guide and lecturer on London he also works as a Spanish interpreter and a personal developer. He has an honours degree as well as being a qualified City Guide. People coming on his walks often comment that he brings London alive.


Guided Tours

On Hugh`s walks he makes an effort to explain complex detail so that everyone understands. Notes from his walks are also available. Most of his walks include surprises that you never knew were there. Often walkers like to look up what they have seen on the walk when they get home.


Hugh also lectures on the City and does regular talks in the 'Knowledge of the City' series. Recent topics have been 'The Edwardian City: A study in hope and glory' and Gilbert and Sullivan`s London which included the odd song from Gilbert and Sullivan`s operas.