Official Guides to the City of London

Daniele Middleton


English, Portuguese.


Accessible tours, Architecture, Christopher Wren's London, City churches, Financial Institutions, Gardens and open spaces, General city tour, Ghost walks, Great Fire of London, Guildhall Art Gallery, Lectures and talks, Livery companies, Medieval London, Pub tours, River Thames, Romans, Samuel Pepys, Tours for children.


I was born in Brazil in 1981 and lived there for 23 years before emigrating to the UK in 2005. I had read about England’s history since a young age however I moved here simply because of the history of London itself. Everything in this city fascinates me; from it’s parks, pubs and buildings to street names, post boxes and bollards. Watching children “beating the bounds” or the rose ceremony, you can never be tired of London. I love the quirkiness of the little alleys, the secrets of the forgotten Architecture and how fascinating it can be to simply turn a corner and suddenly find a whole new world.

I have worked in some remarkable places in London: museums, palaces, galleries, archives and even digging for the MoL on the Thames foreshore but now I work for Tower Bridge and The Monument for The Great Fire where I daily see the City from a different point of view. Working for the City, learning its history and stories makes me eager to learn more.

London is a flowing, living organism, the old and the new together transforming it every day but always with it’s history at your fingertips. One step, an intricate victorian coal hole; another step, a old Police box; yet another, an office block built seamlessly onto a old roman ruin. 

I am just a girl, lost in London trying not to find the way out but a way deeper, further inside what makes this city so… special, so… unique, so… me.

I am a Londoner.