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My Father, who passed away in 2016, worked in Lombard Street in the City in the 1970s. He was something of an amateur guide and would take friends and colleagues on Walks around the City.

In 2019 I found Dad's tour notes and, with a couple of friends,  began following the routes of his Walks.  We bumbled around and often got somewhat lost - this was at a time when I didn't even know where to find the Bank of England!

A friend then asked if I'd organise a Walk as part of her birthday celebrations. I planned the route, walked it to and fro and did my research. On the day itself I had a tour party of ten people. They seemed to enjoy it - I loved it and thought "this is the thing for me".

Accordingly I started to devise my own walks and take people around the City and Docklands.

In 2022 I was delighted to qualify as an official City Guide. 

The rest, as they say, is history!



Institute of Tourist Guiding Green Badge


Guided Tours

Few of my walks follow any particular theme. They encompass different areas of the City and aim to bring you a gamut of its rich and sometimes peculiar history.

All walks start and end near an underground or railway station. Several also just happen to finish somewhere handy for a traditional City pub!

A few times each year I also offer a longer tour, not in the City but in the London Docklands. This takes around three-and-a-half hours plus a lunch break of 60-90 minutes.

There are several scheduled walks each month, details and booking via Eventbrite.

I can also offer private tours for your family, friends or colleagues - details on my website.

All Walks last around 2 hours unless otherwise stated


For full details please visit

BARTS & BAILEY – City Thameslink station to St Bartholomew the Great(Barbican/Farringdon stations)
Crime and punishment; ghoulish goings on; City’s oldest hospital and maybe its oldest Church.

BILLINGSGATE - starts and ends at The Monument
Alleys, back-streets and the banks of the river in the south east of the City.

BLACKFRIARS - starts and ends at Blackfriars station
The plight of child actors, a king's wardrobe, river Thames, City bridges, green spaces.

CITY ESSENTIALS - Monument to Cornhill (Bank underground)
Old churches, new towers, fire and plague, dragons and devils, livery companies, slave trade, Loch Ness monster(!), prominent City characters plus how a sewage worker got rich.

CORNHILL CIRCLE – Cannon Street station to Walbrook (Bank and Cannon Street underground)
Postal service, a Welsh connection, coffee houses, Wren church, a mysterious stone and more.
(a short walk lasting about an hour)

FAKE FACTS, FOLKLORE & FRAUD Monument to Postmans’ Park(St Paul’s tube, City Thameslink)
A foray into some of the City’s folklore, fictions, fake facts and fraud plus a medley of misconceptions, misinformation and myth. 

GARLICK HILL  begins and ends at Cannon Street station
Discover the story of Swan Upping, maybe meet a disgruntled ghost, hear the true tale of Dick Whittington and also the connection between aero engines and the medieval City.
(a short walk lasting about an hour)

GREAT FIRE – from The Monument to Paternoster Square
Treading the embers of the Great Fire – and discovering some less fiery features along the way.

LIMEHOUSE AND WEST (Docklands) - Canary Wharf to Wapping
Learn the story behind the Isle of Dogs; discover what you can't take on the Docklands Light Railway; walk by London's oldest canal; guess the country's most perishable import; encounter a pyramid and the mysteries of Freemasonry; discover surprising secrets of the Thames.

SECTS in the CITY - Liverpool Street station to Bank station
Examining various religious places and organisations. 
This is a longer walk than usual, around 150 minutes but with a coffee and snack stop along the way

WONDERS OF WAPPING (Docklands) from Tower Hill finishing at Tower Bridge. 
St Katherine and Wapping Docks; the story of a painter; surprising secrets of the Thames; the Capital's oldest police force; the truth about a notorious pirate; executions at low tide; what a 'whopper' means (you'll never go to Burger King again!); even a giant sewer!

For dates and bookings please visit Eventbrite



I can talk the walk as well!

I am amongst the speakers for the Musicali-Tea events at Holy Sepulchre Church, my contribution is on March 23rd.

Should you need a speaker for your social event or function then please get in touch.


Here are the most recent reviews, more via my Reviews page.

Docks Walk 2nd March 2024
I went on the PLT Docks walk. Despite the pourring rain, the guide, Andy, made us forget all this and enjoy a walk from the Isle of Dogs around to Limehouse. He had many interesting sights to show us and stories to tell. A nice location for lunch followed by a walk through to Wapping and ending on the edge of the City of London by which time the sun was out. A thoroughly enjoyable few hours. I shan't tell you where the sights were as I don't want to spoil it for you. Go along and enjoy this walk of discovery yourselves!
Andrew W (Tripadvisor)

I have been on Andy's Docklands Tour which I'd highly recommend. He has a sure grasp of how that area has changed over time... from the docks and their part in the industrial revolution, to the skyscrapers of the financial district. He has an engaging style and just as important.....knows the best pubs for lunch along the way!
Lesley McAlpine (Facebook)

Andy is a great tour guide. He holds the City of London green badge qualification. I have been on a few different tours with him. All have been interesting, informative, enjoyable and relaxed. Highly recommended.
Terry Holland (Facebook)

Docklands experience
I had a fantastic docklands tour with Andy. He has a lovely relaxed style, encouraged questions and was a very engaging guide. Will definitely go again on another Andy special
Nomad351360 (Tripadvisor)

Had a fantastic tour of the Docklands with Andy! He was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the area and its history and made our day very enjoyable. Highly recommend
Melissa (Google)