Official Guides to the City of London

Sam Jacobs




Architecture, Christopher Wren's London, Financial Institutions, General city tour, Great Fire of London, Literary tours, Pub tours, River Thames, Romans, Samuel Johnson.


Welcome. I am a certified City of London guide through the Institute of Tourism course.

I can be contacted on 07796 170806 and

I have lived and worked in London all my life. I have a background in Literature from Cambridge University and have worked in software since the early 80s. I'm a trustee of two national charities.

Key walking tours in the city include:

* Highlights of the city from Romans to Roofgardens
* Key Literary sights in the city from Chaucer to Harry Potter
* Roman history - rise and fall of Londinium
* Smithfield  - meat, martyrdom and power
* Fleet Street
* Wren churches
* Fire of London
* Pubs of olde London
* Jewish London from Paupers to Prime Minister
* Food oriented tours
* Irish themes
* From protest to progress - democratic change in the City

I have published "Literary sights in the City of London from Chaucer to Harry Potter"  and "Key tourist sights in the city". "Eating, drinking and sleeping in the City". All are available on Amazon.