Official Guides to the City of London

Samantha Fosbury




Crime and punishment, Romans, Livery companies, General city tour, Great Fire of London.


I have lived and worked in London for my entire life and I still love to uncover its secrets! 


I have a wealth of experience in engaging audiences with compelling stories - delivering tours for businesses looking to engage their employees and team-build outside the office, as well as those seeking an entertaining and informative walking tour for their own pleasure. I am very happy to work with you to create a bespoke experience for your own private group.

Guided Tours

City of London Historical Highlights 

City of London Architectural Highlights

A Stroll Through Tudor London

Trials, Trauma and Triumph - Tales of Tudor Women

Livery Companies of the City

The Roman City of  London

Death and Destruction in the City

Crime and Punishment


I would also be delighted to create a bespoke tour to suit the particular interests of you and your group.