Official Guides to the City of London

Robin Rowles




General city tour, Literary tours, Wartime, The Great Fire of London.


My day job takes me all over London and beyond but the City of London is special. I'm a committee member of Birkbeck Early Modern Society and member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London. Even when we're rushing from A to B, if you pause, listen and look, you'll feel the history of London all around. My goal is to recreate that moment every time I lead a walk...   



City of London Guide Lecturer, 2009.

MA Comparative History of Early Modern Europe 2007.

BA History 2004.

I have led walks and delivered on the spot guiding for many organisations including London Open House/Open City - Christian Aid - Local London Guiding Day 'Help for Heroes' - Amnesty International - and others.

Guided Tours

Sherlock Holmes: The Red-Headed League and The Man Accused of Murdering Himself!

Civil War Connections 'round Cheapside & St Paul's

The Rivals of William Shakespeare (currently under revision) 

'Martians, Miracles, and Time Machines': The London of HG Wells 


I'm willing and able to give a talk on any subject, given suitable notice and providing I can get there! Talks may be combined with a tie-in walk (at extra cost)