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Lesley McAlpine




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I have a particular interest in Roman and Medieval history, having studied the topics extensively for my degree in history and archaeology at York University.  But I'm also fascinated by the development of London as a global trading and financial centre, with cutting edge buildings buildings to match. 

I began my professional life as a local radio reporter, later working as an award winning producer in the BBC's current affairs department for many years.

Story telling is very important to me and I aim on my walks to highlight the fascinating history of the City, in an entertaining and informative way. 

As a former journalist - I do like historical gossip!


Qualified City of London Green Badge Guide. 

Qualified Westminster Green Badge Guide

History Hons Degree, York University


Guided Tours


  • The City of London as a global trading and financial player.  From its early days as Roman Londinium, through steady expansion as the major port during the British Empire era, find out how London became a global commercial player.  Come on a journey and take in ancient Roman remains, dark alleyways and emerge into the sunlight to view cutting edge skyscrapers that house major financial players. 
  •  King Richard lll London tour. 

    A new film 'The Lost King' has renewed interest about King Richard lll - one of England's most controversial monarchs - who died in battle in 1485.

    Find out on this linear walking tour: how Richard lll took the throne from his nephews, known as 'The Princes In The Tower' who disappeared and were widely believed to have been murdered. The jury is still out on Richard lll's reputation today.  Learn on the walk how the dead monarch's character was systematically damaged by fake news. Most famously by playwright William Shakespeare and his portrayal of the king as a ruthless multiple murderer.

    Judge Richard lll for yourself: by hearing stories of his life, where he lived in the City, made his grab for power, and the causes he cared about during his short reign.

  • Shakespeare's London tour

        Take a guided ramble through the City and across the river into Bankside, to discover more about England's iconic                          playwright, William Shakespeare.  The Bard never wrote his autobiography - but there are plenty of locations that throw light          on his life and times. From sites of famous theatres like The Globe or Blackfriars to areas like Bishopsgate where he once                lodged. 

  • The Great Fire of London tour.  Find out how the 1666 blaze took hold and why early efforts to combat it proved disastrous. Hear stories about key players in the unfolding drama like King Charles 2nd and man-about-town diarist Samuel Pepys. Learn how buildings like the Old St Paul's Cathedral effectively became man made volcanoes, spewing out stones and molten lead at passers by, once the fire got out of control.


  • Dark Side of the Medieval City. Only the brave venture out on this tour. Hear stories of ghastly punishments, terrible crimes and revolting peasants! Take in key sites like historic Smithfield, the Old Bailey and its scary forebear,  Newgate Prison. Hear stories about an infamous royal, Isabella the She-Wolf of France, allegedly implicated in the death of her spouse.