Official Guides to the City of London

Hazel Phillips


Romans, Livery companies, General city tour, Great Fire of London, River Thames.


I haven't always had a passion - let alone an interest - in things historical! But now I have a thirst for it and love inspiring other people about places and people in London.  There is just so much to notice and understand when walking around. It could be the discovery of what the Romans did in the City of London, what's left of the village and agricultural history of Islington or the industrial remains in Wapping and Limehouse that helped support the City's connections with the world.  

With family connections in Australia, I get a kick out of making connections between London and people who went there for whatever reason.  Here's just one example

I have trained as a guide in the City of London and also Clerkenwell and Islington.  

Guided Tours

Tours available include

Village Islington (Upper Street)

Getting hooked on meat (Smithfield)

The village that faced the world (Wapping)

Limehouse: connecting England to the world