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London's River Walk: Mondays & Saturdays

The River Thames is London. It’s why the Romans chose its gravel north bank to found Londinium; its tidal waters brought trade and wealth to the City - and continues to do so.

Spend a leisurely couple of hours walking along its edge and let your City of London Guide tell you about frost fairs, swan upping, entertainment Southwark-style and Lord Mayors’ Shows; visit an 1100 year-old dock and the first crossing for 100 years. Discover how the Thames helped - and hindered - the City during the Blitz of 1940 and what role it played during the Great Fire of 1666. Admire modern buildings like the Shard and learn how Shakespeare's Globe Theatre came to be built.

Your walking tour starts from the City Information Centre south of St Paul’s Cathedral and lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours. The walk ends near Monument. 

Nearly all the regular walks and tours offered on this website are just turn up and pay. For these walks no advanced booking is possible. There are only two tours that need to be booked in advance (Smithfield Market walks and Guildhall tours) because of restricted numbers.

If you want a walk or lecture for a group of people, then please use our Find a Guide section.