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All Hallows by the Tower Tour: Monday to Saturday

Short 'Highlight Tours' of All Hallows by the Tower take place Monday - Saturday between 2 - 4pm, from Easter until late October.

These tours provide an insight into some of the church’s fascinating history and will hopefully whet your appetite to find out more. If you are making a special trip, please check with the church office on 020 7481 2928 before arranging your visit, as there may be occasions when guides are not available or a special event is taking place.

The walks are free but donations to the church are welcome.

Nearly all the regular walks and tours offered on this website are just turn up and pay. For these walks no advanced booking is possible. There are only two tours that need to be booked in advance (Smithfield Market walks and Guildhall tours) because of restricted numbers.

If you want a walk or lecture for a group of people, then please use our Find a Guide section.