Official Guides to the City of London

Jill Finch


City churches, General city tour, Journalism and the press, Medieval London, Guildhall Art Gallery, Literary tours, Magna Carta, Samuel Pepys, Christopher Wren's London, St Paul's Cathedral, The Great Fire of London, The River Thames, Legal London, Religion.


Qualified City of London Guide & Lecturer and an associate of the Institute of Tourist Guiding. Also qualified to guide in St Paul's Cathedral, Jill is recognised as a guide in the Guildhall Art Gallery and the church of All Hallows' by the Tower.

A Londoner by love rather than birth, Jill worked in publishing and PR in almost every part of London before training as a guide. 

In love with the City's churches, its streets, its history and unique ambience, Jill is also a member of The Friends of the City churches and 'watches' in those churches to keep them open for visitors and Londoners alike.

Guided Tours

 Jill offers tours of the City on various themes and subjects including

  • Urban Waters - the importance of the river Thames to the City of London
  • The City by the Book - the square mile isn't just about spreadsheets and deals
  • The Print & the Press - exploring Fleet Street
  • Pubs in the City - exploring Fleet Street's pubs and their history
  • Shardlake's London - a walk based on the novels of C J Sansom
  • The Market & the Monastery - a stroll around Smithfield
  • Wren Watching - 4 walks visiting Wren churches around the City
  • The Medieval Precinct of St Paul's - aiming to recreate the pre-Fire Cathedral
  • Avenues & Alleyways - weaving in and out of all those hidden parts of the City
  • The Great Fire of London - 4 days in 1666 the City will never forget


Don't hesitate to ask for a bespoke walk.  If it can be done it will be done