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Edward Bradshaw




Crime and punishment, General city tour, Medieval London, The Great Fire of London, The River Thames, Romans, Samuel Pepys, Christopher Wren's London, Evening walks, Ghost walks.


Having lived in London for the last fourteen years - for me, the City's rich history is spellbinding. Few places can boast of roots dating back almost 2000 years, and if like me you enjoy being spooked, the City of London has the very best in ghouls & graveyards to chill the blood...and always with a good pub at the finish (no tourist traps!)

I'm also lucky enough to work at Lambeth Palace, parts of which date from the 15th century, so history is all around. Can't get away from it even if I wanted to! :)




City of London Guide (2014)

Guided Tours

Alongside a general history walk, I particularly enjoy...

Plaguepits and Pyrotechnics - the Plague and the Fire

Ghosts, Ghouls and Graverobbers (plus the Black Dog of Newgate)

1888 - The Reign of the Ripper